Hosteria Tre Santi Stockholm
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Opens 3h 12m
Opens 3h 12m
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Blekingegatan 32, 118 56 Stockholm
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The goal at Hosteria Tre Santi is to capture the love and care that Italians put into each and every dinner and deliver it here in Sweden. This is done with personal customer service, a lively atmosphere, and of course great food. 

The restaurant is cosy and beautifully decorated. They have long bench seating to accommodate large families and friendly group gatherings. There is also warm lighting and intimate nooks for smaller get togethers. The restaurant is clean and organized and exactly what you would expect from an authentic Italian eatery. The many tasty wines offered here can be found on display throughout the dining areas along with bright art and loving touches. 

The food is out of this world. They start with the finest, fresh, raw ingredients available and begin to work their magic in the kitchen. The chefs use traditional recipes and the best olive oil Italy has to offer with each dish.

The menu seems to be never ending and absolutely bursting with flavor. They have all the treats you are craving from starters like carpaccio and Caprese to desserts like panna cotta and tiramisu and everything in between. They treat dinner like the Italians do, as a meal that lasts all night, so bring your appetite because there is so much to try. 

No great Italian meal would be complete without the drinks. The staff can help you choose the perfect wine to pair with your dinner and when you’re done you can sip on a delightful espresso or grappa.