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Opens 3h 33m
Opens 3h 33m
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Blekingegatan 32, 118 56 Stockholm, Sweden
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This lovely Italian restaurant aims to recapture the traditional values that are built when families, whether they are related by blood or by choice, come together over a great meal. They do this with authentic recipes, a comfortable and cosy space, and great service. Not to mention your favorite classic Italian drinks like coffee, wine, and grappa.

Each dish starts with a recipe that has been passed down through generations. Next they take the finest fresh ingredients that can be found locally. They mix these together with expert techniques and the utmost care. The result is delicious food that leaves you relaxed and completely satisfied.

The menu features classic starters like beef carpaccio or bruschetta. From there it moves onto everyone’s favorite Italian cuisine, pasta. You can get pastas in all shapes and sizes with a variety of sauces and toppings like chopped lobster with creamy tomato and cognac sauce.

Don’t fill up on pasta though because the main event has yet to come. The entrees include a variety of meat and seafood dishes that will make you wish you had the chefs here cook every meal you eat. To top it all off you can choose one of their many desserts like refreshing sorbet or rich homemade chocolate truffles.

They have full four course meals designed to take you on a flavor journey, if you don’t want to choose your own adventure. Of course, the staff is ready to help find wine and drinks to pair with everything as well.