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Sveavägen 96, 113 50 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
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Although it is in the name of the restaurant itself, “little” is not a word I would use to describe this place. The dining area is spacious, the portions sizes are incredibly generous and filling, even the personalities of the staff are big. All of this comes together to make a wonderful experience on each and every visit. 

Even before you enter, you can smell the sweet and savory flavors being brought to life inside. They are available for lunch and dinner with daily specials throughout the week and a ton of great drink options. All of the dishes are made using the finest fresh ingredients and authentic recipes passed through generations. 

At lunch they offer all of your favorites and a few unique treats, all served with basmati rice, salad, and a beverage. It is all offered at a reasonable price and is just the right midday boost to get you through the afternoon. 

At night you can find all of the tasty lunch options and much more on the a la carte menu. It all starts with appetizers like the vegetarian samosas or hot mango chicken salad. Make sure you don’t fill up on those though because the masala, curry, sizlar, and thali menus are nearly endless and each dish is better than the last. 

The staff is very attentive and will help you sort through their many delicious options to find the one that is just right for you.