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Folkungagatan 128, 116 30 Stockholm, Sverige
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Humlehof has two locations in Stockholm and both are fantastic in their own way. This is because they both operate on the philosophy that a local neighborhood bar and restaurant should feel warm and joyful while offering the best there is in local food and drinks. With this idea the restaurants have been delighting customers for years and, luckily, there is no end in sight.

At the bistro on Södermalm you will find a classic and relaxed environment where you can enjoy your favorite Czech and German beers on tap along with you food. The menu changes regularly and is posted on the blackboard for all to see. They always have a great selection of traditional recipes like schnitzel or homemade goulash. The warm lighting from the chandeliers and rich wood details envelop you as you lose yourself in the delightful flavors and lively conversation throughout the restaurant.

In the Birkastan location the atmosphere is equally inviting and enjoyable with even more energy. The outdoor dining area is huge with plenty of space for large parties and a great variety of people to mingle with, especially during game nights. The food is classic pub fare and very well done and the drinks are always flowing. 

Both locations offer a great value and generous portions. The staff is super friendly with tips and advice on what to order and very personal service. The Humlehof restaurants are without a doubt the type of place that become like a second home.