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Fridhemsgatan 41, 112 46 Stockholm, Sverige
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Simple and rustic elegance can be found in every detail at Il Forno da Gino. From the classic decor to the rich and creamy pastas and perfectly sweet desserts, they deliver exactly what you need and do it all with a warm friendliness. 

The restaurant is large yet cosy with warm lighting, brick accent walls, and rich colors. It is an amazing atmosphere for the delicious Italian dishes they offer. You can relax in one of the many plush seats as the attentive wait staff sees to your every need. 

The menu is filled with traditional Italian treats, made with authentic recipes and fresh ingredients. The chefs are committed to bringing out the best flavors in each ingredient and blending them so each flavor complements the last. 

There are several amazing pastas featuring seafood, vegetables, chicken, and beef. Each comes with a mouthwatering sauce and is cooked perfectly al dente. If you are not in the mood for pasta, they have a great selection of pizzas as well.

The pizzas are crispy and smokey around the edges with a sweet and savory marinara and superbly balanced toppings. You can find all of your favorite toppings like prosciutto, pepperoni, arugula, basil, and lots of cheese. 

There is also a wide variety of entrees and desserts to choose from, as well as beer and wine to pair with your meal. The friendly staff can help you make the best choice for your appetite and are always ready to share which dishes are extra special during your visit.