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Verkstadsgatan 11-13, 117 36 Stockholm, Sverige
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Before you even enter this restaurant you know you are going to be hooked. The sweet and savory scents of easter spices come wafting out throughout the day, grabbing the attention ot and working up an appetite for anyone passing by. 

During the warm months you can catch a glimpse of the fantastic treats served within by checking out the happy customers laughing and enjoying their food on the patio. The generous portions and variety of colors found on the beautifully engraved serving dishes are all the convincing you need to come try what they have to offer. 

Upon entering, you will be delighted by the bright and colorful details throughout the restaurant. It feels like a wonderland with multicolored walls, chairs, and hanging lamps. As you sit you will be greeted by a new type of colorful, I mean the cheerful demeanor of the staff of course. 

They can help you through the many options on the menu if you have never been here, or just find your favorites and get started. They cook up all of the traditional and authentic Indian recipes you are craving. This includes masala, sizzler, curry, and naan that is the perfect balance of soft and crispy. 

There is something for everyone on the menu, whether your vegan, vegetarian, into spicy food, or just looking for something simple. They will work with you if you have any special requests or food allergies because they are dedicated to provide excellent customer service in each visit.