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Enebytorg 11, 182 48 Enebyberg, Sverige
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This restaurant is a diamond in the rough. Many people may not expect much based on the location and outward appearance of the restaurant but will be pleasantly surprised when they enter and find the attentive staff and amazing flavors they offer. The restaurant is cosy and comfortable as well and it all comes at a great price.

They are open for a buffet lunch and affordable dinner as well. The lunch is an amazing value at only 109 SEK for all you can eat. You will definitely want to bring your appetite. The dishes are perfectly cooked with amazing flavor combinations.

They offer classics like palak paneer and chicken tikka masala. There is a variety of dishes both with and without meat and even some vegan treats. The full menu is available at dinner as well, but lunch is the best time to come for those that are indecisive and want to try a little of everything. This is highly recommended as all of their dishes taste authentic and they strive to bring together flavors from all over India.

The staff does a great job of  keeping the restaurant clean and organized even during the very busy lunch buffet. They go above and beyond to make the customers’ experience is as memorable and pleasant as possible. This is even known to include cooking a fresh dish of a favorite that has been depleted late into the lunch rush upon request. This type of service is one of the many surprising delights here.