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Götgatan 19, 116 46 Stockholm, Sverige
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It is always an interesting night out at Indigo. The place is filled with colorful art, in fact the bar itself is colorful art. The drinks are great and not too expensive, service is cool and attentive, and they are even pet friendly when it is not too busy.

On the weekends the bar is filled with all types of people. The colors and artistic vibe attracts young and hip creative types. While the great music attracts those that are ready to dance the night away. Finally the affordable beers and custom cocktails are a tempting treat for anyone with a craving for a great drink.

Whether it is a busy weekend or more relaxed weekday, the atmosphere is always upbeat and welcoming. There are many regulars throughout the neighborhood that can be found here on any given day of the week and are inviting and accepting of those that have come to try their favorite bar.

The bartenders are knowledgeable about the drinks happy to work with you to make exactly what you are craving. They mix up amazing custom cocktails and have a wide assortment of beers and ciders available.

It is a wonderful feeling to enter a place and get the genuine feeling that everyone around you is simply enjoying themselves without being caught up in the stresses of life. It provides the perfect platform to let your hair down and forget about the boring hustle and bustle of work or school, if only just for one night.