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Kommendörsgatan 14, 114 48 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
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Buying clothes second hand is a great way to save money and help to save the environment. ML Second Hand offers brand name clothes, in great condition, at affordable prices. This means you get to pad out your closet without creating any more waste for the earth.

They carry clothing items and accessories for men and women that are not only in style, but on season as well. The owners have been in the second hand business for nearly 25 years and understand what customers are looking for.

With their experience they go through items looking for quality, trends, and authenticity. They do all of this before accepting any item, meaning you can trust that what you are purchasing here is the best.

Now that you have purchased some new items, it may be time to purge a few things from your own closet. You can bring your clothes in Monday through Saturday and  it is simple to get paid. They choose which items they want to display and after the items are sold you collect. It is that easy.

Keep in mind when you bring clothes that they do not accept styles that are more than two years old and all clothes must be in like new condition. They have regular clientele, so they know precisely what they are looking for. Among these are theater performers looking for costumes, so this is something to remember when collecting clothes for potential sale at their store.