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113 47 Stockholm, Sverige
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At Mukut life is simple. They serve great food, at reasonable prices, in generous portion, all with a friendly smile. They are open for a buffet lunch and offer a full menu at dinner, making them perfect for any occasion. You can come alone for a reliable and filling lunch, bring some friends to catch up after work, or set the mood for an intimate dinner with their warm lighting.

The staff is very friendly and super knowledgeable when it comes to the menu. They are attentive to the customer’s needs and ready to work around special diets or add a little extra spice for those that love that extra kick.

At lunch you can enjoy your favorite recipes from India. This includes palak paneer, chili butter masala with various meats, mango chicken balti, and beef sizzler. The dishes are refreshed regularly so you are always tasting the freshest and most delicious flavors. 

For dinner, the menu is even more plentiful with all the options you could ever want. There are amazing meat free options as well as chicken, seafood, lamb, and beef. The portions are huge so it is best to come with friends and share a few dishes. However, the prices are low enough that you can come solo and keep all of the treats for yourself. 

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with bright colors and simple touches like the hanging lights throughout the dining area. While it is minimalistic, it feels like there is always something new to see each visit.