Nostalgipalatset Stockholm
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Sankt Eriksgatan 101, 113 31 Stockholm
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For those of us that  look back on our lives fondly and yearn for our favorites from the past Nostalgipalatset is the place to go. They sell everything from vinyl records to retro toys. Their selection is enough to bring up memories of brighter days playing outside with friends, first kisses, and times before jobs and bills.

Both online and in store they are well organized so you can find what you want easily or just browse through the items until you find something you like. They carry albums from artists like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and so much more. They are organized by  genre and alphabetically for ease.

If it is toys you are into, they have it all. There are plush stuffed animals, mechanical toys, computer games, cars, and figurines. You can also check out their diverse variety of books. They carry books about music, children’s books, and famous Swedish literature.

In the “Trash Palace” they have even more memorabilia from concerts at famous venues from all over the world. These include ticket stubs, merchandise like jackets and shirts, fanzines, and posters. You can take your love for a band to the next level with this memorabilia carried with you or posted in your home.

To further decorate your bedroom, man cave, or entire house they have posters, autographed photos, and much more from TV, film, and music stars. You can get everything you need to show your appreciation for your chosen art form.