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Luntmakargatan 59, 113 58 Stockholm, Sverige
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Ping’s Sakura Restaurang & Karaokebar is by far one of the most memorable dining experiences you will ever be lucky enough to enjoy. The cuisine is inspired by Asian flavors and spices mostly taken from Japan and Taiwan. However, this is not your average sushi or noodle place.

At Ping’s you are in charge of everything. They offer two cooking methods, either Hot Pot or Yaki. After you’ve chosen your cooking method you get to choose from many delicious meats, vegetables, sauces, and spices to create your perfect custom meal.

The food is brought out raw for you to cook right there at your table. This way each guest gets their food exactly the way they want it. If you have any questions or concerns about cooking times or want suggestions for best combinations, the staff is very knowledgeable and ready to help.

It is perfect for large groups that can’t decide between something spicy or mild, also couples that despite their different opinions on food wouldn’t want to dine with anyone else.

To pair with your meal, they have a great variety of wines, beers, cocktails, and don’t forget to try one of their many sakis. Finally once you have finished eating and are feeling ready for some entertainment, you can head into the karaoke rooms.

They have a large room with its own bar and two smaller rooms for private parties of up to 12 guests. All tastes and talent levels are welcome, making for a fun night for singers and spectators alike.