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Frihamnsgatan 52, Stockholm, Sverige
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If you are looking for a relaxing oasis near the harbor, look no further than Restaurang Hamnpiren. This restaurant is simplicity at its finest and always a satisfying escape from the wind or busy hustle of the city.

The service is personal and friendly every time you come. They are open for a quick breakfast or coffee on your way to the boats or the water. Later in the day you can sit back and enjoy the lunch buffet while you gaze out the window and ponder life. The restaurant is well lit, mostly be natural light, and very spacious. This makes it a great retreat for big groups or those that need a little space from the world.

The food is fresh and tasty and the menu changes regularly. They offer a variety of flavors each day ranging from dishes featuring lots of meat or seafood, to those that are vegetarian and even vegan.

Some examples include the pea soup with pancakes and jam or the chicken pasta with pesto and boiled potato. Every dish seems to hit the spot and keeps you going for the rest of your day.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the restaurant is how they can offer good quality at such a low price. The options are only 100 SEK and come with bread, butter, drinks, salad, and cake. It is more than enough tasty food to fill you up and not break the bank in the process.