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Vasagatan 7, 111 20 Stockholm, Sverige
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Located at 7 Vasagatan in central Stockholm – quite near to the central train station, hotels and the city’s convention center so probably not a real big spot for locals – The Bishop’s Arms is essentially a traditional British pub, one of a chain of 40 opened across Sweden since 1993. The name stems from the proximity of the cathedral to the first location opened in Vasteras. The concept is a simple one – to treat all visitors to a similar nostalgic English style, no matter the location, and to serve good food at reasonable prices along with the largest selection of beer and single malt whiskey available.

The Vasagatan location offers anywhere from 100-300 different brands of bottled beer along with 2-3 dozen varieties from Swedish and foreign microbreweries. There are also a number of high quality wines available. While traditional pub food including burgers and Fish n’ Chips is on the menu, the establishments also strive to create dishes using local available ingredients and according to local tastes. But you do have to know what you’re doing when you visit one of the locations. There is no traditional maitre d’ available and servers don’t come to your table. You have to go to the bar to order your food and drinks, which will then be brought to you.

Some of The Bishop’s Arms locations offer a hotel on premises as well and there is a free club to join where members can take advantage of the numerous special events hosted across the brand’s locations.