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Zita Folkets Bio, Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 111 45 Stockholm, Sverige
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The theater experience at Zita is unlike any other you will find in Stockholm. This cozy theater is the perfect place for an intimate movie going experience. It is an old theater but still very comfortable and the seats are each angled to get optimal views of the screen.

The films shown here vary in themes, target audience, and origins. They pride themselves on showing films from all over the world that you cannot find in other theaters. This means you may find some independent films or large hits in an intimate setting.

When choosing films, they look for stories with compelling subject matter and artistic merits. This goes for any film they choose be it aimed at children or adults. They are passionate about opening their customers’ minds and broadening their horizons, if only for a couple of hours.

There is also a small pub located inside the theater where you can relax before the film or have a drink after to discuss and unload what you just watched. It is a very comfortable space with affordable drinks and snacks, perfect for talking about the great shows they are putting on within the theater.

The staff here is very friendly and also enthusiastic about art and film. It is a great place to unwind in the middle of the week and explore the art of filmmaking and cinema with others that take an interest in the medium. You can even purchase DVDs of your favorite independent films here.