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Norregatan 1, Malmö, Sverige
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Given Malmo’s access to the water, seafood restaurants within the city limits have certain expectations to live up to. Modern diners also have expectations of Sushi establishments given the proliferation of this kind of restaurant throughout the world. Sushi Queen is by no means the top end or “finest quality in terms of sushi restaurants, but if you’re looking for a mixture of quality and value for your next bite of maguro, then Sushi Queen should definitely be on your list.

They serve clean tasting, fresh quality fish in a tidy and impeccable clean contemporary space. While Queen is by no means an authentic taste of Japanese sushi, the owners have taken great care to adapt the cuisine to the modern tastes of the Swedish diner. You can expect a nice flavor mixture of fresh fish, vegetables and savory, creamy sauces in almost every bite of sushi.

Sushi Queen frequently runs deals on coupon websites for those thrifty eaters looking to get a deal on their next California roll, they typically offer savings between 10-30 percent for large orders or seasonal specials, as well as daily lunch deals. In particular, they offer a great deal for those looking to cater to parties, where they take off 20 percent of the price when customers order more than 200 pieces.

You can also get it delivered absolutely free! I dined here with my husband during the lunch rush on a weekday and found it to be a really great tasting meal, we would definitely visit again if we were in the neighborhood.