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Regementsgatan 25, Malmö, Sverige
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Sushibaren can boast something truly rare and unique in our Japanese obsessed modern culture of 2018; restaurant quality sushi and sashimi at takeaway prices. That’s right you can have fresh delicious raw fish for the price of you might pay for an inexpensive takeaway pizza. Coincidentally Sushibaren does offer takeaway, as well as really nice quality, sit down service. If you happen to be craving rolls while you are with your vegetarian or vegan friends, don’t fret; Sushibaren is more than able to serve up the delectable vegetarian and vegan dishes for them as well. Everything made at Sushibaren is absolutely fresh with properly cooked vinegared rice and masterfully cut fish and vegetables. Guests constantly rave about their well-balanced and authentic miso soup with young spring onions, tofu, and kombu.

When you come for in-house service, you will be greeted by friendly-faced waiter or waitress bearing a complimentary hot steaming cup of cherry tea. It’s really the perfect thing to sip and savor while you prepare yourselves and your stomach for the delicious feast of great tasting sushi to come. Sushibaren is a wonderful place to enjoy inexpensive workday lunch or an opulent weekend dinner. Another nice of this place is that their portion sizes are just right. If you do happen to order a set course, you won’t be leaving bursting at the seams or with an unsatisfied tummy. Most of the dishes come with a small handful of deliciously salty wakame salad perfect for cleansing your palate between bites of fish if you happen to not care for pickled ginger.