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Lilla Bramstorpsvägen 28, 233 91 Svedala, Sverige
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For those of you that have not tried paintball yet, it is an exhilarating sport that gets you outside, builds confidence, creates new memories, and so much more. If you are looking for a chance to go out, use your tactical thinking skills, and get some exercise in the process,look no further than Paintball Syd in Skåne.

The arena is just outside Sturup’s airport and it is a massive playing ground for experienced players and beginners alike. They have different package options depending on what equipment you will need and the amount of balls you would like to purchase. Before each game they do an extensive review of rules and safety guidelines. This ensures a good time for everyone that will not be ruined by unnecessary injuries.

Their reasonably priced packages include all the gear you need, except for shoes so come prepared with something you can run in that is suitable for the uneven terrain. They provide guns, balls, protective gear like masks, and air for the rifle. If you come with your own equipment, all you need to pay is the entry price and you will be out shooting before you know it.

They work hard to set up even matches with a good mix of experience levels. You can come with your own group or join another and make new friends. They even have barbecues for rent so you can hang out after the game and fill up on your favorite grilled foods.