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Östra Förstadsgatan 2, Malmö, Sverige
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Although Syltan Kök & Bar is considered by the residence of Malmo to be a dive bar, it’s a bar that really makes me want to dive right in. I am not even a dive bar kind of person. They have a really interesting design to the bar, with brick walls copper colored signage, it has a kind of hip industrial feel that you don’t find at lot of other places. Walk in their at any given nights and you’ll find people of all ages mingling together and enjoying their reasonably priced beverages. Regular patrons of Syltan Kök & Bar are locals who live nearby in the neighborhood. If you are looking advice for what to do or where to go these friendly regulars would be more than happy to help you out. The owner is a bit of beer nut. He always seems to be ordering a new kind of brew to put on the tap. Don’t be afraid to ask his advice if you are looking for something to new to taste.

The staff at Syltan Kök & Bar pride themselves in being helpful, friendly and fantastic providers of service. It is really hard to find a negative opinion of either them or the bar itself. The location is a bit small but I’d rather describe it as cozy and not claustrophobic at all. If you’re looking for a chill neighborhood dive bar with a large selection of beers, craft or otherwise, then Syltan Kök & Bar might just be your new favorite spot.