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Bredgatan 4, Malmö, Sverige
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Heralded as a collection of creatives, nerds and digital producers, the community at the Ground Co-Working Space has on offer a really different environment for free lancers in the city of Malmo. They describe themselves as groundlings that at their heart seek to make waves and change the world, as we know it. Making the commitment to join the Ground Co-Working Space seems to be a wonderful decision for people who are trying to make a difference in the world or perhaps just a difference in Malmo. The Ground Co-Working Space believes in scalable businesses, sustainable practices and in the great cross-pollination of talented minds, all in the effort to bring Malmo into this new age of the digital economy.


The Ground Co-Working Space began in 2012 by a group of friends who described themselves as serious odd balls. They wanted to create a place where they could incubate their ideas and give their efforts that push that they always needed. They described their first location as nerd heaven. Since then they have moved and upgraded twice bringing the Ground Co-Working Space into where it is today. Over twenty companies call this office home and perhaps you could too.


I particularly recommend the Ground Co-Working Space for tech entrepreneurs and women. It’s led by the head of community and operations Renee Gonzalez who is the head of community and operations as well as Susanna Bill who is the Food Innovator. Both are badass women and can surely help any women take their ideas to the next level.