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Södergatan 13, Malmö, Sverige
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Triumph Malmö Södergatan is Malmo’s local answer to Victoria’s Secret. They offer premium lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, loungewear and casual wear for today’s modern successful women. While the shop is nowhere to go for a budget item but they do have some beautiful pieces that a woman of prestige and success is sure to adore and perhaps desire to take home with her.

Most of their lingerie is sold a-la-carte however they do offer select pieces that are sold as in set or in a pack. Triumph Malmö Södergatan has their own branded shapewear designed with Swedish women in mind. They have got standards like bodysuits, shorts and one piece shapewear as well. In addition to wired bras, their new selection of lacy bralets are super adorable and sure to charm your daughter or small chested friend into wanting to take home with them. Stylistically Triumph Malmö Södergatan has pieces in bright pastel florals as well as darker more mature colors such as navy, crimson and black. Their sportswear is particularly cute.

The main pieces in the sportswear section lack variety somewhat however what they lack in that department, they make up for in the amount of separates you can buy allowing a customer to have fun mixing and matching their sports bras to their athletic socks. Something really nice about their sports bras is the iridescent shiny patterns that some of them carry, which I find to be reminiscent of a mermaid or mythical creature. I can imagine wearing one of these pieces while doing yoga by the seaside or in a lush green forest on a summer’s evening.