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Sigge Cykel i Vällingby AB, Siktgatan 11, 162 50 Vällingby, Sverige
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Sigge Cykel is a huge cycle shop with amazing services. They have tons of bikes ready to be ridden out of the store as well as frames, parts, clothes and accessories. In their workshop you can receive professional repairs and customization to your current ride.

The owners at Sigge Cykel have been selling and repairing bikes in Stockholm since the 1950’s and use this experience to ensure you leave with the highest quality products.

The bikes they sell come from the most trusted names on the road. They have regular pedal bikes as well as electric bikes for those commuting long distances. There are also frames, tubes, chains, and any other spare part you could ever hope for.

All of the bikes purchased in the store come with a two year free service plan to keep them in the best shape. The specialists in the workshop are devoted to keeping your ride safe and comfortable. They have years of experience in repairs and building or rebuilding bikes. With the gear found in the store, they can customize and fix up your ride to make it absolutely perfect.

They also have clothing and accessories from the best brands. You can find helmets, bags, electric displays, and everything you need to care for your bike at home. The clothes are comfortable for all weather and any type of ride. They have bright colors, stylish fits, and flexible materials to keep you going through the long arduous rides.