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Rörsjögatan 23, Malmö, Sverige
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Vegegården has a pretty unique concept; those that have traveled to Asia might even call it a paradox or an oxymoron. Vegegården is a vegan-Chinese barbeque buffet restaurant. Yes, you heard that right; someone has turned Chinese recipes into vegan recipes. When I first heard about it I honestly laughed out loud. Most Chinese dishes balance vegetables and animal products, some might even say that is an essential characteristic of the cuisine.
Therefore I was a little bit skeptical about the taste of the dishes once you attempt to take out the animal products. After tasting out I definitely don’t think it is very authentic tasting, but the food was pretty good. The Vegegården restaurant is the ideal place to go if you are extremely hungry. As I said before it is a buffet, and it is a buffet with an enormous amount of dishes for you to sample.
Usually, at a buffet, the owners put out carb-heavy dishes like rice, noodles etc to make the diner full before they reach the main dishes with all the vegetables. I really appreciate how this restaurant did not do that. Being a buffet, Vegegården is a very affordable place to have lunch or dinner.
It only costs us about US$15 and we left with loaded bellies and sleepy smiles on our faces. A lot of the food is deep-fried if that is a big deal to you just be aware. Just because the food is vegan doesn’t mean it is always healthy. Something I really appreciated was that they tried to have all the usual dishes you would see at an Asian restaurant, just made vegan. There weren’t too many original or experimental dishes there which is my vegan friend really appreciated. It made her feel like she was getting to try dishes that she wouldn’t normally be able to have.