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VR Malmö, Östra Förstadsgatan 20, 211 31 Malmö, Sweden
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Have you ever watched a movie or show about fighting monsters and wondered what it would be like if you were there. Maybe you saw the Hunger Games and thought, “Archery doesn’t look so hard”. You can try all this on regular video games or, if you are tired of the same old gaming experience, you can play in a new interactive way at VR Malmö.
This is the best way to test your skills, work with friends, and have a great time while playing video games. They use state of the art virtual reality equipment with high definition images to create a one of a kind gaming experience.
The games may take you to the top of tall buildings, post apocalyptic worlds, and so much more. Each game is incredibly realistic and can trick even the most skeptic mind into believing they are no longer in the safe confines of this cool center. The do this by tapping into all of your senses at once for an insane full body experience.
They are available for large and small groups or even individual practice. This center is perfect for birthday parties, team building activities, and bachelor parties and their packages are reasonably priced.
Prices vary based on the size of the group and many include popcorn and drinks. The staff here is attentive and will train all players on safety aspects and best practices to ensure everyone has a great time without any injuries.