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Woki, Kalendegatan, Malmö, Sweden
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Woki is a newly opened Asian style inexpensive family restaurant located near Slottsparken. It’s a place where you can choose what goes inside your wok, and the friendly staff will fire it up for you, serving it you hot with a side of rice rounded into a clean circular mound. They also have pre-set combinations if you don’t want to make your own. Pre-set combinations include; cashew chicken, orange chicken, Panang chicken curry, peanut chicken, fried rice chicken or vegetables, beef & vegetables, wokiniku beef, sticky ribs, hot Korean shrimp, sweet ginger shrimp, woki veggie, and another variation of woki veggie for variety.

All of the pre-set combinations come with your choice of a side of jasmine rice, noodles or veggies in the vegetarian oyster sauce. Their sides include vegetarian spring rolls, edamame, cashew nuts, prawn crackers, mango chili sauce, and kimchi. Because you can pick and choose what exactly goes inside your wok, it’s a fine place to have lunch or dinner with your vegetarian or vegan friend, despite being an Asian restaurant.

They serve sparking and still water, soft drinks, 5 kinds of beer including Singha beer, and six kinds of red and white wine. For dessert, you can get coconut ice cream, mango or passion fruit sorbet, or fruit salad. Interestingly, they recommend topping your ice cream with chili sugar or mixing and matching their a la carte desserts to create something suited to your own tastes. If you love Asian food and aren’t looking to break the bank Woki just might be your new favorite lunch spot.