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ZUSHI - Malmö, Drottningtorget, Malmö, Sweden
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The Zushi experience is decadent and wonderful. When you walk in, the optical illusion created by the over 500 mirrors on the walls and ceiling give you the feeling of infinity. The entire restaurant is themed after a saga created by the interior designers to tell the tragic story of a Japanese samurai warrior who dies trying to save his lover.

The menu is almost as elaborate the Zushi’s interior. You can find plates ranging from pan asian style dishes to sushi that is built up to the highest expectations. Japas style plates that are best shared, are generous and beautiful at the same time.

We tried Salmon Tartar, Robata Hotate (Scallops in garlic sauce with roasted garlic and coriander), Hirata Softshell Bun (Steamed rice buns with fried soft shell crab, cucumber, pickled onion, coriander and Yuzu Mayonaise), Maguro Crispy Rice (Spicy tuna with masago and crispy rice), 2 salmon nigiri, 2 shrimp nigiri, 2 yellowtail nigiri. To drink we tried the Spiced Autumn which is apple infused gin, cinnamon syrup, cloves, tonic and then we tried the Ginger T which was vodka with pear cognac, lime and ginger syrup. Our favorite drink was the Tokyo Blossom! Do not hesitate to let them make you whatever they have for a special drink at the moment, it will not disappoint.