Profesor Balthazar poster
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Most Swedish people have some relation to Balthazar. The crazy inventor with the magic machine. Living in the odd town Balthazargrad named after the demi god himself. It was a great show and many of us have fond memories of the life lessons we were taught from this odd cartoon from Zagreb.

This is an exhibiton celebrating Balthazar and especially one episode. The monument of the invisible citizen. As I rewatched that particular episode I understood why you could make a whole exhibit about it.

The episode is about a man that nobody notices. Nobody says hello or recognizes him at all. Sad and lonely he visits the professor and asks him what to do. Balthazar gives him a book titled how to climb on top of success. It is a blank book and he tells the man to fill in the blanks.

The citizen named Martin wanders off with book in hand and disappears. Now all of the sudden the whole town misses him and feels horrible for ignoring him. None of the citizens find him since nobody remembers his name or what he looks like. So in memory of the invisible citizen they make a monument without a statue since nobody remembers him.

This monument is built into the exhibit for you to see for yourself. On top of that there are also two documentary about Zagreb cartoon making, showings of Balthazar and other interesting facts about this odd professor.

The exhibit will be running at Malmö Konstmuseum from May 18 to September 8.