Movie poster of Rambo
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Sylvester Stallone turned 73 this year, I did not notice his age in this Rambo movie! Sylvester Stallone is back in his prized role as Rambo in this action thrilled tale of revenge!

It has been almost forty years since Rambo drew first blood. Both movie wise and plot wise. John Rambo is now getting up there in years, settled down on a farm and is now the caregiver of a girl. That is all I can give you in terms of plot otherwise I’d spoil the entire thing.

This is the culmination of years of injustice. Years of dissapointment and of course years of bullet wounds for our hero. It is channeled in what is one of the best revenge action movies I have seen since Old Boy. With a more lenient censor board and a lot more progress in the CGI department this is also the goriest episode of them all.

Sylvester Stallone manages to take the character John and make him more psychotic than ever. The camel’s back has been broken and blood will be shed all over the place. He has stopped caring about anything other than revenge and it shows. For a 73 year old he still has a threatening aura around him.

Critics has of course had many things to say about this film. It panders to Trump supporters (there is no politics in this movie) it is too violent (it’s a Rambo movie, what did you expect?). It is a raw and hard action movie that does not care about your feelings. An homage to the action films of the 80s. Rather it is a loveletter and a showing that good action movies can still be made and maybe the most important thing. Stallone still got it!