Continuing our quest for finding the very best brands we’ve extended our collaboration with Recipe for Men and are really excited being able to feature their unique grooming line Raw Naturals. We are always succeeding in finding what’s best in Sweden but accidentally found what’s best in the world. These caring products immediately reaches another level that are hard to forget once you’ve tried them out. Carefully developed in their micro brewery with top quality natural ingredients this one-of-a-kind grooming line is a must have for the conscious man seeking a hotter more fabulous outlook because these products will make a huge difference. From labels, scents, feel and results we finally found everything we’ve been looking for in order to be the best versions of ourselves.

Pale Ale Shower Gel delivers one of the most satisfying showers I’ve experienced. This perfected shower brew cleanses the skin without drying it out. It contains softening & caring ingredients from hops with cleansing agents from apple. These natural ingredients combined with a very mild delicious scent this shower gel left me clean, soft and great smelling. A small amount created sufficient foam that felt smooth and leathery that covered both body and hair. The mild delicious perfume and the clean effect left me very impressed.

High Gear Eye-Roll on is another great product from RAW Naturals. This eye roll on helps eliminate and minimizes the dark circles around the eyes one could get after bad sleep or high daily stress. It provides with an energized effect that makes me look extremely fresh. It’s easy to apply around the eyes due to the intelligent design and contains natural flavonoids, xylitol, black tea and other great caring ingredients that reduces puffiness, dark circles while moisturizing to perfection.

Mr Cool After Shave Balm delivers a fresh chill effect on the skin after some heavy shaving. It contains a special menthol blend that soothes and calms. Shaving can cause both redness, dry skin and other damages that this fantastic after shave balm heals & prevents. Other ingredients include oat oil, coconut oil and allantoin that aids in the healing of tissue growth while soothing and hydrating.

Money Styling Paste is a unique flexible wax suitable for medium to long hairstyles. This is by far the best smelling cream out there and I’m stunned by the extreme quality and thought behind minor details and natural ingredients of this original microbrewery. The key ingredients are carnauba wax that’s caring, moisturizing and softening & extracts of hops with similar effects that gives my hair a medium firm style while smelling really good.

Million Dollar Bronze Cream is a tinted moisturizer that evens out the skin tone while providing a low-key bronze glow. This is a next level moisturizer that provides that little extra too look hot and successful. I just love this product for it’s added finesse that evens out any imperfections in the facial area that’s definitely effective and leaves with stunning results.

Moisture Blast Face Cream & The Universal Face Cream are other fantastic products from RAW Naturals that provides the skin with superior nutrients and oils that repairs, moisturizes, energizes and strengthens the skin making it feel and look perfect. With ingredients such as Jojoba, Olive Oil, Black Tea, Xylitol and other natural ingredients these face creams feel exclusive and luxurious. 

A huge thanks to Recipe for Men and everybody involved for sponsoring us with these extremely satisfying products. Best in Sweden are delighted being able to feature our favourite skin care product line that supplies the very best and we’re left with amazing outlooks that makes us able to advance in life while looking great. Please make sure to read more about their next level products on their website and follow their instagram!