In today’s product review we’re pleased to feature Recipe for Men and their totally awesome product line. Ranging from hair waxes, shampoos, peeling masks and other great products to mend our health Recipe for Men delivers quality products for quality looks.

Since we started Best of Sweden our main goal is to be able to feature those products in Sweden that’s literally the best and Recipe for Men is one of those companies, that might even be the best in the world. Not only for their broad range of products but are very well developed and gives direct results.

Starting off with their peeling mask that contains AHA-acids and extracts from Salix Nigra that removes old skin cells and helps stimulate cell renewal. Peeling masks are important to use a few times a week to rinse away dead skin cells and freshen up the facial area. It comes in a 100 ml tube with the same occuring branding – all red with a white label stating ‘Recipe for Men’. This is great for peeling away any impurities and minimizes pores. The creme itself is transparent light blue with small blue grains that gently removes dead skin and I really appreciate the smell which has a low-key fresh scent that isn’t interfering but refreshing. It contains small grains that helps with removing dead skin cells. With just a small amount I managed to clean my skin to total perfection and the sense of feeling fresh and clean really comes through and gives amazing result. Recipe for Men’s peeling mask is very gentle on the skin while providing a great clean & luminous glow.

I’ve been on the hunt for different hair waxes which provides with different mattes and looks. Finally after years of search I found Recipe for Men’s extremely good range of different hairwaxes providing different finishes. This suits perfectly when needing hairstyles of every occasion.

Starting off with the Army Clay, the wax comes in medium sized round containers that fits the hand good. It opens with a simple twist and gives off a really pleasant natural smell when opening it which reminds me of cactus and lemons. The red boxes with a clear label stating ‘Recipe for Men’ gives off an authentic trustworthy vibe. The clay is thick & solid and has a beige colour to it. I just need a little bit on my fingertips and when putting it in the hair it immediately makes my hair styleable without weighten it down or cause any greasy look. A high quality clay with medium shine suitable for every day that adds volume and thickness. The key ingredients are Clay (diatomaceous earth) that provides flexible hold, extract from acai berries, extract from cactus and beeswax. These ingredients has healing and protective properties that protects and strengthens the hair while looking good at the same time and is one of the best clays out there.  

The Bionic Sheen Wax comes in the same great packaging, clean label and easy handling. When opening it you immediately sense the mild uplifting scent. The texture is what you would expect a wax to be but softens when touching it and is more easy to apply due to it’s more slippery texture. With just a few strokes in my hair it becomes highly formable and stays in place with the most perfect look. What brings the Bionic Sheen wax to the next level is the fine silvery ‘starluster’ powder which provides an amazing shine effect and could also be used as a dry shampoo to freshen up the hair. Great wax for special occasions!

Silver Crystal Pomade is another fantastic product from Recipe for Men. This gel is sparkly and provides with a great cool silvery effect to the hair making it ideal for parties or other happenings requiring that extra spark. It gives a soft to medium hold making the hair easily formable and smells as good as their other hair styling products. A fantastic old-school pomade providing my hair a sophisticated look with a great shine that looks marvelous on a friday evening.

Recipe for Men’s shampoo & conditioner continues with the same fresh scent that is occuring in their other products. They come in 80 ml sizes and opens easily with a single little push in the top and closes the same way. The shampoo made a satisfying amount of foam and I could feel the cleansing effect. Afterwards I used the conditioner that gives a more murky scent and smells like a quality conditioner should. I left it in my hair for about 60 seconds and when I rinsed & dried my hair it immediately felt fuller, thicker with added volume. 

With an cherry on top I had the opportunity to try out their ‘under eye gel’ that minimizes the tired look one can get after a bad night sleep or overall stress. This advanced gel gives the area around my eyes a fresh uplifted effect that effectively removes any tired signs of fatigue. It’s packed with carefully selected herbs, minerals and peptides that firms, minimizes puffiness and removes dark circles for that extra fresh look!

Best in Sweden fell in love with Recipe for Men and their broad product range suited for so many different occasions. We really value companies that put great thought and care into their products that mends our image and making us better versions of ourselves. By taking care of our looks & health we can reach bigger goals in life and we treasure Recipe for Men for making this possible. We can’t wait to try out more of their fantastic products!