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High quality meat is one of the finest foods in our world and it’s pretty rare to find high quality jerky made from animals who roam our forests here in the Nordic. We’re extremely happy to be able to feature Renjer.ky and their delicious jerky that comes straight from our fantastic nature. This is the next level of jerky and Renjer manages to both stand out from the crowd while providing us with totally healthy high-protein sustainable wild game meat that enables us to live healthy while having great tasting treats at the same time.

Wild meat should be considered as the new superfood due to the naturally occurring nutrients that comes from the animals natural diet in the forests. This provides us with a top food source away from mass-produced meat and contains for instance large amounts of B12, iron, zinc and selenium whilst having a large protein content that makes a perfect fit for hard training. Building muscles with this premium wild game meat is next level for both the health and the actual taste itself but is so good it could be a snack for every occasion imaginable. It also contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are crucial for optimal health. Considering it’s literally a vikings diet this meat would help pushing the limits and breaking barriers. In an environmental perspective their jerky has about ten times lesser CO2-footprint than regular jerky making them an ideal option for being environmental conscious.

The different choices of jerky is from deer, reindeer & elk. They taste almost the same but varies a bit in the intensity of flavour, texture of the meat and chewing resistance but are equally delicious. The packaging is really well designed and gives off a genuine vibe, something that contributes a lot to the general feel of the product. The wild game meat itself is savory, salty with a perfect chewing consistency, and because it’s cured and dried it takes a good while to chew making the delicious experience last longer. It takes a few seconds of chewing to release the full flavoured experience which increases over time. They come in perfect hand sliced pieces that makes the perfectly sized bites. What’s interesting is the really subtle hint of nice herbs and perfect seasoning that just gives the most perfect taste without disturbing the natural taste of the meat, and this is why Renjer a true player that succeeds by far with taste and overall concept. This top of the food chain products they supply should be considered a valued treasure and we really recommend everyone to try out their next level meat. 

This is a great snack when combined with anything. The taste is deep, enriching and healthy which provides long lasting enjoyment. What makes us proud at Best in Sweden is to be able to feature what’s actually best in Sweden and this is it. A quality product, with a quality taste, for a quality life. We can’t wait for the further success of Renjer and to try out more of their wild game meat.