Retrospelsfestivalen Malmö Merchandise

As the retro dust have settled so have Jennifer and I. Retrospelsfestivalen was an adventure into the realms of retro games. It had a little bit of everything! Games, music, quizzes and of course some good old game competitions.

Emil’s perspective

As we went in, the smell hit us. That plastic smell from our childhood. This probably toxic material from when we were kids hit us in the head as bricks of nostalgia. We got in a little bit before the storm of customers and it was a serene experience seeing all the games, merch and other things proudly put on the sellers tables. THEN BAM

Waves of people entered and the atmosphere got amped up to eleven and it was amazing. The sense of belonging, the laughter and the camaraderie of nerds coming together is something that is rare nowadays. Then I got into buying mode, in between perfomances I bought way more than I anticipated. As is customary I bought a new system which ended up being the 2DS and I don’t regret it in the slightest.

Every year the event gets better and better. The great musical acts of this year certainly became the icing on the cartridge. I am already looking forward to next year!

Jennifer’s perspective

Some children grew up with spending a lot of time with their cousins, playing football or playing with dolls .. Me, on the other hand, I grew up with parents who loved the original NES. I would watch them bomb every single bush in The Legend of Zelda and crush every single stone in Super Mario Bros, to find hidden gems. It was there my love for games began, and walking into the Retrospelsfestival was like coming home. Is there any better place than being in a community where we all share the same interest? I must admit, seeing all these games and merchandise was overwhelming. It took me a couple of hours to calm down. I can’t think of a saturday better spent than buying retro games, hear about game releases and watch game competitions.