Rosenserien Moisturizer Clay Mask Face Wash Rose Water

The story of how Rosenserien came to life begins about 40 years ago. One of the founders of Rosenserien is Laine Nilsson. She used to work as a hairdresser, and during this time she noticed that her skin wasn’t feeling well. The skin and her hands and face became dry, irritated and was starting to flake. This was most likely caused by the hair coloring and permanent fluids that she was working with. Laine had a look at the ingredients of the products she was using, to find out why her skin reacted the way it did. Turned out the products was containing many different chemicals and toxic substances. She had a look at the ingredients of her skincare, to find out they contained the same toxic ingredients, just in a less amount. 

Laine began to explore if there was any other options to replace the toxic substances in skin care. After a lot of studying, she found some alternatives that were natural. She teamed up with chemists and in 1984, the first products of Rosenserien was ready for the market. 

The Rosenserien’s ingredients come from organic cultivation, which means that none of the plants has been sprayed with chemical or artificial fertiliser. Their main ingredient is the rose oil.  It’s found in almost each of every product in the Rosenserien’s range. The ingredient has a calming effect on irritated skin and shallow capillaries. And it’s particularly good for sensitive and mature skin types. Some of the ingredients that are used often is aloe vera gel, cold-pressed vegetable oils and Chinese green tea.


Face Wash

A gentle cleansing gel for face and neck. It helps your skin to regulate the sebaceous glands and keep glandular secretions at normal levels. Per usual, I always remove my makeup with micellar water, then cleanser. I can’t remember the last time I was using a gel cleanser, must have been ages ago. But it was a positive surprise how good it feels! I have really grown to like it.


This refreshing moisture gel adds moisture and is quickly absorbed by the skin. And same as the face wash, I can’t remember the last time I had a gel moisturizer. It feels so good! Some creams tend to make my skin feel quite oily, but with this gel is simply doesn’t happen. My skin loves it. It has a cooling effect on the skin and the scent is lovely! 

Purifying Clay Mask 

A deep-cleansing face mask that contains rose clay to relax, soften and balance your skin. It contains natural minerals to improve your skin’s condition. It can “tingle” in the skin the first minutes after application, but this wasn’t something I noticed. I have added this to weekly face mask routine, and it leaves my skin fresh and smooth. 

Rose Water

Protective and refreshing facial toner. Prepares your skin for the application of protective skin and body products by reconstituting the pH-balance and closing the pores after cleansing. 

Okay, so you’re supposed to use this instead of plain water in the morning and always before moisturizer. Which I have done a couple of times. But I have used mine way more than that. I use it throughout the entire day. I have used it when I sit in front of the screen all day, after I’ve applied makeup and my skin feels dry. And sometimes just because, I really like the scent and the feeling after spraying it. I love this product, and it’s my favorite in their range! 

You can find their entire range here to click home your new skincare range today!