Scifiworld toys

Ah Scifiworld, the perfect place to bury my wallet at. With the 10 year anniversary at Sundspärlan in Helsingborg, I knew it was going to be just as awesome as always!

Getting to Sundspärlan is kind of confusing but thanks to a timely bus and the help of Google Maps we found ourselves there in no time. The venue feels more intimate than the venue in Malmö. It has a comfy feeling and it makes you feel connected to your fellow nerds.

Besides all the cool vendors there was a cosplay competition, light saber practice, author signings and cosplay/Star Wars parades all throughout the event. You were even able to try a large quantity of board games at the event!

Let’s talk guests. There has always been a feeling that we down here in Skåne has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to guest lists, but not this time. With David Faustino (Married with children), John De Lancie (Breaking bad, Star Trek & MLP), Joe Pantoliano (Goonies, Matrix), Zach Galligan (Gremlins) and Rusty Goffe (Star Wars, Harry Potter) Scifiworld in Helsingborg had one of the best guest lists in a while!

So what did our loot end up looking like? I didn’t go as crazy as the last event and ended up with around 20 movies. Jennifer ended up with a Wii game and two awesome posters from Stranger Things and Gotham.

As always, Scifiworld delivers a fun, not too big event with a lot of nerd heart. It’s always a pleasure to visit these events and we thoroughly recommend you visit them as well!