Scifiworld Malmö 2019
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Stormtroopers, wizards and goblins galore

SciFiWorld is a nerd convention that tours Sweden every year. Last week they came to Malmö and they brought the thunder!

SciFiWorld has been growing steadily over the years and was held at Malmömässan which is a very big trade fair building. It was filled to the brim with vendors from all over Sweden and some even from other countries in Europe. The vendors ranged from the niché movie vendor to the steampunk craft store. Of course they had some fairly standard vendors you could imagine at a convention like this. You had the Star Wars toy vendor, the geeky t shirt vendor and of course the way too expensive figurine vendor (but damn those are some beautiful figurines).

But it is not all vendors. SciFiWorld also offered autographs from big screen actors such as Eric Roberts, Natalia Tena and Michael Biehn to name a few. If an autograph is not enough you could also get your photo taken with your favorite actors. When the actors were not signing autographs or were being photographed, they held panels. Personally I attended the Eric Roberts panel and what a wonderful guy he is!

They had a big stage and when the actors were not on it there was still a lot of action going on. There was a viking seminar that showed the fighting styles of old and there was also a concert with your favorite geeky movie scores being presented by a full orchestra.

If all of this was not enough there was one more big thing. The cosplayers! It’s not as massive as ComicCon but nonetheless there were quite a few. From the pretty princesses to the scary ogres, from the Darth Vaders to the tiniest droids, the convention had it all. It was a blast just seeing the love and care that had gone into each and every cosplay.

All in all I really recommend going to SciFiWorlds events. They are well worth their entry fee. If you cannot wait until next year there is a SciFiWorld convention coming to Helsingborg in October. I hope I will see you there!