Best in Sweden are pleased to feature Sweden Eco skincare who makes excellent and nurturing skin care products for men. Not only are their products caring for the skin but also a hundred percent natural and we really value companies who have the environment and our health as a top priority. What’s even more fantastic is the fact the their whole production is located in Sweden. They supply the most crucial products one needs for excellent skincare and includes shaving soap, refreshing toner, moisturiser, shampoo for hair & body and deodorant. The most amazing dude Tony Irving has developed Sweden Eco together with RS Biokosmetik. Tony Irving is a dancer, choreographer and program leader of Let’s Dance amongst several great performances & contributions. This is a guy who really knows what he is doing and the skincare products are very well developed. Together with the 35 years of experience RS Biokosmetik has these products are both trustworthy and with outstanding high quality.

Their shaving soap is great when you need a smooth shave. The packaging is black, easy to open with just a twist and feels like a quality product. It contains for instance Aloe Vera and Olive Oil that softens and moisturises the skin. The texture is reminding me of hard soap and you only need just a little bit for it to foam up when adding water and it gives a pleasant shaving experience with a generous amount of foam created. My skin felt normal after use and didn’t get any sign of irritation. It’s a mild, pleasant smell and gives off a clean, long-lasting fresh scent. All of their products have about the same pleasant smell but varies a bit due to the different ingredients, this also goes with their design on these products. A nice matte black finish with Sweden Eco skincare for men gently printed on the products and  makes them look genuine and with great quality. Their deodorant smells balanced and gives off a heightened fresh feeling, and with aloe vera as a base combined with natural salts to combat odor makes this deodorant a daily routine in my life. It opens easily with a single twist and fits my hand perfectly.

Sweden Eco Shampoo for hair and body smells as good as the other products and also gives off a sufficient foam. My skin really feels fresh and knowing the ingredients of these products are natural and vegan intensifies this feeling a lot. What is even more handy is that it both has an moisturizing effect to the skin and conditioner effect on the hair which makes it a great multi-tool in the shower. I then used their moisturizer which gave a great additional effect and gave my face a fantastic clean glow without leaving a shiny tint. It contains paracrasse combined with aloe vera which gives excellent results for tired and dry skin that also counteracts any signs of aging. 

If the total fresh feeling wasn’t enough Sweden Eco skincare also has an refreshing toner. This uplifting toner contains green tea and witch hazel which energizes and gives my face additional spark and energy. This is great for when experiencing stress that can have a negative impact on our looks. It’s really important to maintain your looks and health, Sweden Eco makes this possible and takes it to the next level when having all the necessities a man could have in their everyday life. You can read additional information about Sweden Eco, their complete list of ingredients and even get great skin care tips at their website listed below. We really recommend our readers and followers to take great care of their health, and we’re proud to be able to feature Tony Irving with Sweden Eco on Best in Sweden that supports great health and enables us to look great in our day to day life.