We’re absolutely thrilled being able to feature TID watches and their fantastic timeless craftsmanship. TID watches enables us to keep track of it in a very minimal and effective way without any added extra functions, left with the barest essentials that enables really clever and lightweight designs. The superior quality really shines through at first glance and the small & clean minimalistic details makes these watches both iconic and original.

TID watches are based in Stockholm Sweden where they design these exquisite watches. They come in different variations & materials that allows outstanding rare designs. From food, music and clothing, simple and minimalistic is a very winning concept that also applies on questions of design. This combined with outstanding quality in every minor detail TID watches succeeds in being one of the best.

We’ve had the pleasure to take a closer look at their TID No 1 that is made out of stainless steel with either an ion coating or a monochromatic brushed steel or gold finish. Only the most essential of functions are left and with the brushed steel it gives a super quality look to them and are extremely well designed to serve the purpose of keeping track of time without any unnecessities weighting the watch down. The TID watches brand are gently punched into the side of the watch as well as on the strap. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the crown is designed on the number 9 side of the watch which prevents it from digging into the hand. This very clever little detail itself makes these watches worth a buy. TID watches feels very genuine and aware of functionality in a clever way. The available sizes are 33, 36 and 40mm. The series continues with TID No 2, No 3 and their latest edition NO 4 that comes with the flawless design as their No 1 edition, with refined materials and designs that’s both extremely beautiful and durable. Make sure to check out their latest & limited editions!

These watches are highly customizable and offers a broad selection of different wristbands ranging from leather, silicone, twain and nylon with different colours. The leather wristbands are made with vegetable leather from the Tärnsjö tannery in Sweden that’s both environmentally friendly and provides unique natural characteristics. This enables further options for those who love details in their quest for matching outfits. Intelligently and impressive simple designs makes these watches unique that stands out from the crowd. Best in Sweden really values our partner TID Watches that puts great thought and care into these superior watches that’s both comfortable and iconic. Together with affordable prices TID watches provides us with the most exquisite timepieces that makes us look great whilst keeping track of our precious time.

Check out their website for a closer look at their other variations and make sure to follow their instagram here, and a huge thanks to the TID watches team for sponsoring us!