In these light deficient days we’re bringing forth our favourite scented candle producer that with great passion develops and creates the most delicious vibe enhancing scented candles. These candles are made with inspiration from the Scandinavian nature. Considering our disconnection from nature in general we’re finding new modern ways of bringing nature back in our lives and this genius concept has been utilized by Torplyktan. Their fantastic range of high quality scented candles is bringing the very feeling of nature itself inside our beloved homes contributing to overall wellness, comfort and peace.

Creating small pauses in our high demanding lives and having some form of mental escape is crucial to regain new powers. By inviting the comfortable presence and light up a bunch of candles enables me to relax without any worry, and together with Torplyktan’s great arsenal of scented candles I’m able to achieve a higher sense of peace and tranquility every day without much effort at all. The trick is to let go of the future & past and live in the present, and these scented candles helps me to isolate the present moment in a pleasurable and cosy way.

Their latest releases include pinewood and resin. These limited edition-versions takes the scented candles to a whole new level due to their unique and original scents derived from our precious nordic forests. With my finnish heritage the pinewood-edition brought me back to the dense finnish pine forests and is without doubt the greatest scented candle I’ve experienced. The fairly low-key pine scent is filling a rather large room within ten minutes that increases comfort and provides with a fantastic nearly magical woody feeling in my apartment. It gives me a great sense of calm and secureness that makes me really happy.

Their ‘Resin’ edition gives off a more spicy/woody and herbal scent that’s unique and masculine. This rich, deep and warm resin scent takes me straight into a rainy forest that makes me warm inside and clear minded. It really adds to the harmonic feel we experience when we’re safe at home. The wax is made of soy that burns for around 40 hours and the glass is also recyclable. 

Shutting off all the electronics and sparking up a few living candles from Torplyktan together with some relaxing music is a great way of finding peace and calm. Making our homes a restful place and giving our minds small gaps of presence is necessary to combat stress and to develop properly. We’re extremely happy being able to shed light on these heart-warming candles that adds to both comfort and harmony in our daily lives. It also helps us see the importance of the present moment.

A huge thanks to our dear friends over at Torplyktan for sponsoring us with the products! Read more about these quality scented candles and make sure to create harmony in your homes with these high quality fantastic candles. Please visit their shop and give them a couple of likes on instagram!