As the smooth transition from fall to winter takes place in the most beautiful way there is no better way to celebrate our cold season with warm Swedish handcrafted candles perfectly scented to make you ultra comfortable the home. With a wide variety of different variations to amplify your mood and home in different ways, Torplyktan supplies the best scented candles in the world made with inspiration from the nature itself, specifically from the different nature and seasons in Sweden.

Best in Sweden values companies that make our world a better place. To light up a candle from Torplyktan whilst finding peace within and sense the beautiful aromas increases the quality of life and this great company makes this possible. With the wide array of selections we could find different scents for different occasions or find the perfect one that makes ones home unique. I had the pleasure to try out a bunch of their fantastic handcrafts and got astonished.

Their ‘Northern Lights’ candle is optimal for autumn and got surprised by the genuine quality, both from the packaging to the delicious fragrance it gave. The candle itself is quite large that fits the hand and the glass is dark brown that after it burnt through a bit gave a really cosy light in the room. It opens with a single twist and immediately gives off a pleasantly spicy smell at first but smoothen out in a sweet and oaky scent. It’s a perfect combination of uplifting spices with a mild aftertone that lingers for a while and reminding me of mint, oak, cinnamon and vanilla. The flame is about two centimeters and doesn’t burn through quickly that lasts for around 30 hours whose aroma fills up large room in around 10 minutes that isn’t overpowering but perfectly balanced and pleasant.

‘Light of early dawn’ is another candle in their fantastic selection. It comes in the same great packaging and around the glass jar a light & fine what seems to be cardboard material meaning it’s 100% recyclable. The aroma reminds of lemons that greatly uplifting with apples, orange flowers, rich oak and vanilla. The sweet and citrusy aroma is noticeable in the background which enhances my creativity and overall well-being.

Another version of these comes in finer glassware and got additional scents. Their ‘Mint & Cinnamon’ version is very rich in cinnamon with a touch of mild mint and a bit of creamy vanilla that gives an extremely relaxing space. It’s a square glass that looks a bit luxurious. The amount of quality in these scented candles are over the top and takes my home to the next level.

The well developed aromas are also available as fragrance sticks. These comes in bottles of 100ml with including sticks that lasts for 3-4 months. You put the sticks in the bottle, turn them over and insert them in the bottle again that gives off the ultimate carefully crafted fragrances that can fill your home with that extra touch.

Check out more of the ultimate in scented candles & fragrances at their website, they really increase the comfort and enhances the pleasure of life.