Keeping track of time is essential for our society to work and we’ve been keeping track since dawn of mankind. In all the daily routines we keep track of time so we can understand how we spend the time and whether it’s well spent or not. It’s really important keeping track of time so we can evaluate and improve our lives.

TRIWA which stands for ‘Transforming the Industry of Watches’ designs some of the best looking ones and we’re really excited to be able to feature TRIWA on Best in Sweden. TRIWA is based in our beloved capital Stockholm and founded in 2007 by four friends with a vision to transform the market with contemporary simple scandinavian designs. This is where they design and develop these superior watches. Their minimalistic design is really flawless and finding that sweet spot in the simplistic nature of any art form requires both experience and talent. This makes TRIWA watches super attractive that comes with affordable prices and a wide array of selection for both him and her. In addition to their broad variety of watches they also supply accessories such as sunglasses and bracelets.

Their delivery time is super quick and the order just takes a few days to arrive safely. Opening the box I’m welcomed by a nice note from the TRIWA crew and the watch itself neatly packed in black gift paper. Opening the container for the watch itself the watch is protected by a plastic film that prevents scratches and comes with a special watch tool for further customization such as changing the leather strap which they provide on their website. The Midnight Falken has a classic look that reminds me of the simple designs we had back in the 50’s. It comes with a few colour variations that suits your need. It’s both scratch and water resistant that endures bad weather, has a mineral top glass closure that protects the clockworks and miyota japanese quartz that ensures continuous accuracy & precision. In addition to these great features their vegetable leather straps are being made in the Swedish Tärnsjö tannery. These superior craftsmanships holds genuine quality and combined with the minimalistic design it’s really a recipe for success. It feels really good & lightweight on the wrist and the incognito black stainless steel makes it look extremely amazing. High functionality, great minimalistic looks with genuine quality makes TRIWA one of our favorite companies.

Time change, we change and keeping track of this is crucial in order to grow in a positive direction. Wearing a TRIWA watch should be essential for every modern Scandinavian person and considering their great price range it’s easy to find a watch compatible for every occasion. Together with Tärnsjö tannery who supplies their quality leather straps this amazing company has all the attributes for great success and we’re honored being able to feature them here on Best in Sweden.

For more specifics on their superior crafts or to gain inspiration from their lookbooks, visit their webpage or instagram here!