True Organic truly supplies well developed and great skincare products, we’re pleased to feature Tina de Sousa and her products Body Buddy lotion and Sea Me face mask that provides us with a great glow and really soft skin.

True Organic Body Buddy delivers a nourishing and soothing feel that is utterly fantastic for any exposed and dry areas requiring extra care. Finding a great body lotion could be hard due to the many varieties and specifically the different smells that can at times be too much. Body Buddy smells just fantastic and isn’t overpowering, it also gives the most soft skin I’ve ever had. It’s a really fresh scent that reminds me of lemongrass with a low key citrus fragrance that’s amazingly pleasant and lingers on a good while. What makes a perfect lotion is the fact that it shouldn’t be too fatty and greasy but provide with softness without making the skin feel heavy, and True Organic body buddy really does a fantastic job at providing my skin the perfect balance of feeling moisturized and soft. This fresh natural smell carries this body lotion to the next level. Now at winter times it’s really important to give the skin great care considering the dryness that comes along. Providing a long lasting sublime softness that is 100% natural that is just great. The hydrating ingredients such as Aloe Vera that gives glowing skin, oat kernel oil that soothes and protects, lemongrass & bergamot essential oils amongst other fantastic ingredients that provides the skin with many benefits that is both organic and natural.

Sea Me face mask is another great product from Tina de Sousa. Right off the bat it looks super healthy for the skin and this nutrient packed formula will guarantee a fresh glowing skin. It contains beneficial vitamins, minerals amino acids and trace elements that makes perfect glow. Amongst the ingredients are seaweed that contains virtually every mineral found in the ocean, aloe vera well known for its hydrating properties and other well caring ingredients. The creme itself is dark green and smells a bit like pepper & spearmint. The creme smears good and evenly on the skin and does remind me of something that’s really healthy considering the nutrient density, it doesn’t look very appealing or smell great but is a clear sign it does really good for the skin. This fantastic skin health serum takes my skin to the next level and I will make sure to use it on a regular basis to reach these fantastic looks and the regenerative properties makes great direct results. The packaging is also made out of sugarcane and is vegan which makes great perfect.

True Organic of Sweden delivers great products for an affordable price and the care that goes into the development of these products really shines through. Best in Sweden is really happy to be able to collaborate with Tina de Sousa and we’re really excited to try out more of her awesome products in the near future.