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Come to daddy is one heck of a father-son bonding experience! In one of Elijah Wood’s more odd roles he manages to make us laugh, cry and be a little bit scared at times.

Norval gets a letter from his estranged father saking him to visit him. His father lives out in the middle of nowhere (like no cars middle of nowhere). Norval goes there in hopes to reconnect with his father after all these years. It’s just the problem that his father is not what he seems to be.

I like strange movies and this one is up there. With weird off the cuff humor, creepy characters and off putting scenery makes for a great directors debut. With an innocent start but still with a feeling of being off it quickly derails into twisted territory.

You need to go into this with an open mind. It is a dark film with a lot of twisted humor. It’s gritty and filmed in a way that even open areas tend to feel cramped. The scenography has a distinct 80s feel to them even though it is presented as the present.

The humor can be described as cartoony, gritty and dark. There is a lot of gore in this film so if that’s not your cup of tea then this film is probably not for you. It’s refreshing to see Elijah Wood challenge his mainstream fanbase by doing something this weird!

Come to daddy is a trip from start to finish and with the help och Michael Smiley and Elijah Wood it becomes something unique. This movie will never become a blockbuster but I am willing to bet, it will become a cult classic.

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