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Stortorget 29, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden
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How about beer at the movies?

Are you tired of the stress of going to the movies? Is the smell of cheap candy, the rushed atmosphere and the big lifeless theaters the first thoughts that comes to mind when you think cinema experience? Well then here is one of Malmös’ worst kept secrets, Spegeln Bar, Bistro and Cinema!

The basics of Spegeln are good food, drinks (beer, wine and sodas) and movies on the big screen both new and old. They have three theaters whereas two have tables for deli platters and to have a drink while watching the movie.

On top of that they have event screenings. Ever felt like a sing along to Mama Mia, Blues Brothers or why not Rocky Horror Picture Show? Spegeln regularly host sing along events for anyone in the mood for some spontaneous singing. If singing along is not your style why not visit one of their opera or play screenings? See operas and plays live from The Met, National Theatre or Bolsjoj to name a few.

When visiting this place after being recommended by a friend I have not looked back. The atmosphere, the art deco decor, the staff and the theaters makes it not just a cinema visit but an entire evening out! If you enjoy movies, classics and new alike you really do not want to miss out on this gem of a cinema right in the heart of Malmö!