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Östra Förstadsgatan 32, 212 12 Malmö, Sweden
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It seems like since the beginning of time bowling has been a favorite pastime for people worldwide. From the ancient Egyptians to now, the sport has made for a great date night, birthday party, or even beyond a hobby and into competitive leagues.
Here at Big Bowl, they do it all and so much more. You can come in with friends for a night of bowling, shuffleboard, and drinks in their nightclub. If you’re looking for a place for a team building event they are available for conferences as well. Maybe you just need an active date night, they have delicious a delicious restaurant to make it a one stop date.
The bowling and shuffleboard are charged by the hour and all required equipment is provided. The lanes are lit with neon and black lights for a special effect that adds to the hip ambiance of the alley.
Once you have worked up an appetite with the games you can head to the restaurant to relax and recharge. The restaurant is a buffet inspired by American cuisine. Each table is given soup and bread and free to decide the rest of their meal at their leisure. Options include plenty of meat, of course, like ribs and steak. There is also seafood, pasta, salads, and dessert.
The night doesn’t end there. You can go into the nightclub/lounge for after dinner drinks and music. Here you can get a great cocktail, listen to the DJ, and brag about your bowling scores.