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Topplocksgatan 12, 212 41 Malmö, Sweden
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Being a parent can be exhausting. We love our kids, but let’s face it, they tend to have way more energy than we can keep up with. Sometimes you need a place where you can take them to run and jump and play without messing up your clean house. That place is Bounce Malmö.
Bounce has a trampoline park, obstacle course, parkour park and much more. It is the perfect place for kids and adults to come and have a new and exciting exercise experience.
They have so many options for adventures there is certainly something for everyone. You can come in for free jumping, join them for dodge ball, practice dunking with trampoline basketball, or improve your gymnastic and jumping skills in one of their many guided courses.
It is an amazing place for birthday parties, schools, team building activities, and bridal/bachelor parties. You can compete against friends in obstacle courses or just enjoy your time jumping together and teaching each other tricks. Whatever your desire, you can come here and make it happen.
At the birthday parties you will have staff members available to lead and monitor activities. You will also be served food and drinks and each child gets a pair of bounce socks. The food is delicious and kid friendly and there are alternate options available for picky eaters or allergy sufferers.
Safety is a top priority here, right next to having a great time, and staff is around the whole time monitoring equipment and activities.