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Why did I get a spoon when I got here?

The Room is usually described as the best worst movie ever made and there is some truth to that. The vision of Tommy Wiseau is both confusing, hilarious and odd, which makes this not just a bad movie but a bad movie phenomenon.

The Room is an experience. The intentions were to make a drama film that would touch hearts. Instead we got a so bad it’s good kind of deal. The acting, writing and composition is truly bizarre and hilarious. I am not going to spend any time explaining the plot cause I firmly believe that this is a movie you need to watch without knowing much about it. Instead I am going to tell you about the experience of seeing the film with audience participation.

If you have never been to a movie screening with audience participation it goes a little something like this. You and your friends grab a beer before the movie to let go of your inhibitions (one beer not ten). Then you go to the cinema and usually get some kind of prop/props. Before the movie starts there is someone that tells you all the rules. In my case with the Room the rule was to throw spoons towards the screen whenever a painting with a spoon was shown in a shot.

Usually there are several cues that can be everything from responding to the movie characters questions or phrases to using props to imitate what is shown on the screen. It usually starts out a tad bit stale but after the first few cues people tend to get really into it.

If you ever wanted to see a movie you have previously seen in a whole new light then go to a audience participation screening. You will certainly not regret it. Spegeln have quite a few screenings with audience participation and it is as varied as it is fun to attend!