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The Ultimate Semla Guide to Malmö for Fettisdagen 2019

The Classics

St. Jakobs Stenugnsbageri

Overflowing with mandelmassa (almond paste), St. Jakobs Stenungsbageri’s semlor are an Instagrammer with a sweet tooth’s dream. The fluffy bun is piled high with cream and almond paste with bits of almond in it that add a nice surprise in some mouthfuls. Topped off with powdered sugar, these semlor can be found at all of the St. Jakobs Stenungsbageri locations as well as some other cafes such as Lilla Kafferosteriet.


In the running for the most popular bakery in all of Malmö, Leve sits on Östra Rönneholmsvägen, otherwise known as “Gourmet Boulevard” (Gourmetboulevarden), with a blue front alongside a cheese and a meat store. So not only can one usually buy their finest groceries here they can indulge in some of Malmö’s best semlor. Offering the classic semla, a plant based vegan semla, and on the last Friday before Fettisdagen, Leve makes 600 semla donuts (semla munkar) and the line is out the door. It is easy to see why this cozy café and bakery is quickly becoming a icon of the Malmö culinary scene.

Konditori Katarina (Stora Nygatan)

Konditori Katarina offers a selection of the tradition semlor on a fluffy bun in small and large sizes so if one large on is not enough then you can top it all off with a small one. In addition to the traditional, Konditori Katarina has semlor on a “wienerbrod”, danish style pastry bread, and it was a nice change from the more traditional semla.


Small and large semlor are on piled high on well lit displays and served by super cheerful personnel in baker uniforms. Gateau serves out hundreds of semlor during the spring season leading up to “Fettisdagen”. Slightly sweeter than the other semlor we tried, Gateau has their semlor ready to pick up at several locations around Malmö and offer deals when you buy lots of them.

Uggla Kaffebar

On the corner of the one fo the hippest squares in Malmö, Sankt Knuts torg, sits Uggla Kaffebar. If this is your neighborhood then you already know this is a cozy spot to get some work done or get some local people watching in along with some fresh brewed gourmet coffee. Uggla Kaffebar sets their semlor aside from all the others by having a gluten free (glutenfri) and lactose free (laktosfri) semla that really delivers on taste. The touch of raspberry adds a touch of sour that most other semlor do not have and is welcome.

Pâtisserie David

For 15 years Patisserie David has been making some of Malmö’s best pastries. Sitting in the Caroli neighborhood, Patisserie David not only have the classic semla with the the top cut out as a triangle with scissors but they also have a Semmeleclair (semla eclair) and Semmelmacarons (semla macaroons). David, the founder of Patisserie David, will say himself he waited until he had the best and oldest recipe he could find until he decided release his own semla recipe to Malmö.

The Alternative Semla

Mat & Chokladstudion

Joel Lindqvist, not only takes chocolate but also food to a whole new level in Malmö. Not to be out done, Mat & Chokladstudion takes on the challenge to make semla their own in the form of a praline. If you are here for their new lunch specials or to pick up deserts for your next party make sure to get the Semla Praline while they are available.

Favvo Glass

Always pushing the limits of ice cream flavors, Favvo Glass has done it again with their semla ice cream with layers of almond paste and topped with piles of whipped cream. A welcome alternative from the various semlor on buns, this cool treat offers the flavor of semla in palate pleasing coolness. Get more than one scoop of this Fettisdagens treat and you will not regret a single bite.

The Quick Fix


Not to miss the chance to offer the fast moving public what they want, 7-11 offers semlor in small bite size and large. Also offering a lemon custard version of semlor, 7-11 can satisfy the most dramatic “gotta have it now” semlor craving along with a coffee for a deal.

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