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Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6, 211 47 Malmö, Sweden
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Leve in an innovative bakery in the middle of Malmö. They have chosen to bake in the day instead of at night, to bake a lot of herbal pastries instead of locking themselves completely in traditional butter-based recipes and baking sourdough bread as you did before, before the yeast was even invented.

All their breads are baked in stone oven and with sourdough culture. They are naturally fermented in the traditional way for a whole day before being baked to maximize the taste, nutrition and durability. Their recipes contain plenty of water, which gives juicy breads that are good for the body. The long fermentation and acid from the sourdough helps to partially break down the gluten that is in the dough so it will be easier for people to digest it.