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Guide to the 5 Best Online Halloween Shops

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BOO! The most creepy season is around the corner, and so are the parties. It’s all fun and games to plan a party, until it’s a matter of finding all the decoration and costumes. But look no further, we at Best in Sweden have gathered the shops you need to make your Halloween party as spook-tacular as possible! May your Halloween be absolutely petrifying!

The ultimate shop when it comes to decoration and table settings! Spider confetti, paper plates in the shape of bats,  sprinkles in the shape of ghosts, a chandelier with skulls.. The options are endless! And if you’re going to have a costume competition, there is a trophy for “Best costume”.

Check out their Halloween section here!


If you want to dress up from head to toe, then coolstuff is for you. First step, choose a costume. Second step, apply the make up. Third step, add scary lenses. Fourth step, scare the hell out of your friends. You’ll be the death of the party.

Check out their Halloween section here!

Partyhallen has searched beyond every corner of the world (kind of) to find the most worthy products for their Halloween range. They have a wide selection of horrifying masquerade costume, for both adults and children. Get you and your family matching costumes and scare everyone who trick and treat!

Check out their Halloween section here!


Butterick’s is the classic practical joke store! Are you not feeling the whole costume thing, but still want to dress up a little bit? Then this is the site for you. You can either choose a mask from their wide range of both scary and funny masks. Or, just add some fake blood to your morning look, that will be scary enough for the most of us.

Check out their Halloween section here!

Your guest walks in.. The first thing they see is bloody footprints on the rug.. A zombiefoot to their left, a witch hanging from the ceiling to their right. Spooky music is playing in the background. They are a bit scared. “Hello?” they say. And then you jump out and scare them in your banana costume. Yes, that’s what’s roliga prylar is all about.

Check out their Halloween section here!

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