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The Disgusting Food Museum if exactly what it seems, and at the same time not. Have you ever visited a country and thought “how can they eat that? that’s disgusting!” when you saw some of their food? Most likely. And someone visiting your country thinks exactly the same about your food. The founders of the Disgusting Food Museum realized this, and wanted to show the world the differences in different cultures. But they didn’t want to do it in a normal way, they wanted to do it the slightly more disgusting way. So, they collected the most stomach turnings foods from all over the world, and gathered them in one place. 

Like it or now, but disgust makes us curious. We do want to see things we normally don’t and may frown upon. Disgust is also one of the six fundamental human emotions. Its evolutionary function is to help us avoid disease and unsafe food. Keep in mind though, even though you’re disgusted by something – you might still be able to eat it. It can just be a matter of the norms you’re used to. 

The exhibit has 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods. The exhibition takes off with seeing and reading about food and drink you probably didn’t know existed.  In half-time, you can smell some of the world’s stinkiest cheese. Last but not least is the tasting table. The Disgusting Food Museum has served a buffé of disgusting yet normal food from different cultures. Some of them are; 

  • Surströmming – fermented herring from Sweden.
  • Cuy – roasted guinea pigs from Peru.
  • Casu marzu – maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia
  • Stinky tofu – pungent bean curd from China.
  • Hákarl – well-aged shark from Iceland.
  • Durian – infamously stinky fruit from Thailand.

A visit here is a visit you’ll never forget. Read more about our experience at the exhibition here, and buy your tickets today. And oh, you’ll get a sick bag as your ticket.